The crowning achievement of 40 years on the water



Congratulations on your new Serialized Edition Costas. In celebration of our 40-year anniversary. we serialized only 40 pairs of this limited Edition model with this certificate of authenticity.

Model Name: #/40

There are moments that change our perception of what is and isn't possible. Cosmic shifts where the stars align with earth to alter how we see the world. The release of King Tide is one of those moments.

This is the crowning achievement of a 40 year legacy on the water. The culmination of every innovation and lessons learned up to this point. Wins and loses, highs and lowest lows have brought us here to stand witness to a legacy brought to life. To achieve ultimate potential on the water. King Tide.

Rule the water.

Removable side shields

Non-skid hooding that stay in place

Sweat management

Shark inspired zero-fog venting

Choose a mid or max coverage wrap

Post your limited-edition King Tide and Yeti case on Instagram for a chance to win an all-paid trip with one of our Costa Pros

Born on the water

Costas are made for those who need water to breathe - the watermen who have inspired us since 1983 and pushed us to be our best.
It's a journey our brand couldn't have made without you, and we're proud to have you along for the ride. Your Limited Edition Costas pay homage to our legacy and stand ready to take us where we'll all go next.

Let's fill our days until they're overflowing, and like always, go See What's Out there.